2020 Show: Guys and Dolls

In this beloved 1950s musical comedy, dice-slinging gamblers, pious missionaries and glamorous showgirls come together for a light-hearted romp through New York. ​

Cast List

Nathan Detroit: Evan Hillborn
Miss Adelaide: Margot Titgemeyer
Sarah Brown: Mallory Snodgrass
Sky Masterson: Owen Hoggard
Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Peter Kandra
Arvide Abernathy: Zoey Fowlkes
Benny Southstreet: Jack Thompson
Rusty Charley: Josiah Fisher
Lieutenant Brannigan: Hadlee Walker
Big Jule: Natalie Smith
Harry The Horse: Andrew Rollins
General Cartwright: Navie Bower
Master of Ceremonies: Em Kibler
Joey Biltmore: Paul Cosby
Mimi: Camille Jones
Angie The Ox: Chris Ackerman

Hot Box Girls

Jessica Brodt
Fiona Clarke
Mackenzie Currie
Zena Frazier
Nia Griffin-Hayes
Zoe Hines
Em Kibler
Gabriella Mille
Ryley Montagne
Kate Pass
Emerson Powell
Keely Sigler
Emma Titgemeyer
Catherine Weiss


David Barry
Mike Bonsignore
Gabe Collazo
Jordan Fuhrman
Houston Muton-Rufus
Michael O’Shea
Neal O’Shea
Keegan Parris
Francis Peria
Ethan Ramirez

Save-A-Soul Missionaries

Katherine Dreiss
Julia Dwarkin
Abby Erickson
Caitlin Gillespie
Katie Kibler
Allie Michaud
Sade Nick
Georgia Pickard
Kailey Pritchard
Adler Pommerehn
Maddie Sievers
Paris Sistilli

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