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Volunteers are essential to maintaining the quality of the music program. Luckily, we have opportunities to fit every schedule and personality type. Check out the job descriptions and contact the music boosters or one of the music teachers any time. 

Areas of need: All programs

Volunteering in these areas helps all of Broadneck’s music programs, including orchestra, vocal ensembles, percussion, concert and jazz bands, and wind ensemble.

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Collects and assembles volunteer information from registrations, sign up sheets and direct contacts and forwards it to committee heads and event chairs based on volunteer interests.
    • Advantages: If you like knowing who’s who, this might be for you. Also, if you’re short on time to spend on campus, this is a job that can easily be done from home.
  • Sponsorship Committee Chair: Manages committee to identify and develop relationships with corporate sponsors. Ideas include wrap for marching band trailer and signage for music program events, as well as program advertisements.
    • Advantages: If you’re a people person with strength in sales, this is your chance to shine and earn the gratitude of anyone who has to balance the music program budget.
  • Concert Attire Chair: Manages the group that measures, orders, and distributes concert attire to all performing ensembles.
    • Advantages: If you’re primarily available during the school day, this job is a great fit (no pun intended). If you’re the parent of teenager whose frequent growth spurts leave you perpetually wondering whether their concert attire actually fits, you’ll have the access and the means to make sure it does.
  • Communications: Updates website, edits program newsletter, assists with flyers and publicity for music events.
    • Advantages: If you have a penchant for sarcasm, graphic design, photography, and/or the written word, this is an outlet for you. It's also a job that can easily be done at home.
  • Performance Programs Chair: Collects advertisements from sponsors and families, works with teachers to prepare programs.
    • Advantages: Another great choice if you want to help but can’t spend a lot of time on campus, and a chance to show off your skills if you’re good at desktop publishing.
  • Fundraising Planners: Committee members who are willing to take the lead on individual fundraisers, which typically include, but are not limited to: Thanksgiving pie sale, Night of Musical Stars, Grocery Grab, Mattress Warehouse sale, restaurant nights.
    • Advantages: A way to get your feet wet if you want to contribute to the boosters, but aren’t ready to head a committee. If you’re a savvy fundraiser who likes to take advantage of opportunities to lower your family’s out-of-pocket costs, your expertise is very welcome here.
  • Fundraising Helpers: Need volunteers to help with each fundraiser including distributing goods, making posters, selling tickets or concessions, providing food and water, chaperoning, event set up and clean up.
    • Advantages: Much the same as the planners. This is a good fit if you like to help out on the day of an event, but don’t have a lot of time for advance planning.
  • Event chaperones and drivers: Bus chaperones are needed for county and state festivals, as well as additional drivers to carry instruments in their cars.
    • Advantages: You get to enjoy the performance your teenager has been working on, and put faces to some of the names you’ve been hearing at home.

Areas of need: Marching band

The marching band season begins in earnest in August with a two-week band camp. The band season wraps up in November; the exact date can depend on whether the football team makes the playoffs. The marching band squeezes a lot of activity into a few months, and definitely requires parent support.

Band camp (two weeks in August)

If you want to figure out how marching band works, assisting at band camp is the best starting place. Plus you’ll get a feel for how your teenager is spending 8+ hours per day in August. Volunteer jobs at band camp focus mostly on keeping the marchers fed and watered.

  • Snacks: Set up, sell and clean up snacks for AM/PM snack breaks during band camp.
    • Advantages: The way to a hungry teenager’s heart is through snacks.
  • Morning water/ice set up: Bring water and ice to fill coolers for marchers.
    • Advantages: An essential service that doesn’t require a lot of time. You’ll be reimbursed, and you can do your part to make sure your marcher is sufficiently hydrated.
  • Meals for Marchers: Set up, serve, and clean up lunch.
    • Advantages: Hungry teenagers + adults holding food = instant popularity.
  • First Aid provider: Available in case of emergency. Band camp days are long and can be hot.
    • Advantages: Your medical background put to good use, plus the appreciation of all involved for keeping everyone healthy.
  • Uniforms: Measure participants for uniforms and related apparel.
    • Advantages: A lot of the measuring takes place in August, before school starts. If September hits your house like a ton of bricks, this is a way to help before everything hits the fan.

Band season

  • Uniforms: Remember all those measurements? Uniform help morphs into organization and maintenance once the season starts. Uniform volunteers (who can double as chaperones) assist with uniform distribution and storage during competitions and after home football games.
    • Advantages: You might get to try on a shako when no one is looking. If your marcher is on yet another growth spurt, you’ll know how, when, and where to get things fixed.
  • Chaperones for competitions: Ride with the band to and from competitions, and make sure no one is left behind. Tolerance of (or even appreciation for) smells associated with sweaty teenagers is a plus.
    • Advantages: Quality time with your marcher and 40 or so of their closest friends. You get free transportation to and from events and free admission.
  • Prop design and construction: If you’re an artist, that’s a plus, but not necessary.
    • Advantages: A creative outlet, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to the product on the field.
  • Pit crew: Managing instruments and equipment at home football games and competitions. At both games and competitions, pit crew members move equipment and larger instruments on and off the field. For competitions, they also organize and transport instruments to and from the venues, and help set up one of the most important aspects of the competition experience: The parent/volunteer tailgate. Jobs include:
    • Driving and maintaining the tractors
    • Towing and maintaining the trailer
    • Cleaning and maintaining the grill
    • Coordinating the pit crew volunteers at home football games and competitions
    • Coordinating the rentals of Penske trucks and recruitment of drivers
    • Advantages: If you ever fantasized about being a roadie, here’s your chance. Or if you just want to see the show up close, pit crew is the place to be. A pass to see the band perform from the sidelines is a perk that gets more valuable as the season goes on, the venues get larger, and admission prices go up. And if you’re bored with driving your minivan or SUV, you might enjoy spending some time behind the wheel of a tractor or Penske.

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